Water Wise, Native, Drought Resistant Plants

Water Wise, Native, Drought Resistant Plants 2017-05-25T15:08:28-07:00

Landscaping with California Water Wise, Native, Drought Resistant Plants

The water conditions in Marin County are a key factor when planning any landscape project, commercial or residential. Nick at Sequoia Landscape has studied many varieties of drought resistant and drought tolerant plants chosen for both heartiness and presentation and what plants will work best here in Marin County.

Xeriscaping is a technique for landscaping that uses drought tolerant plants, so water usage is reduced as much as possible. The use of rock, stone, native plants, and succulents transforms the curb appeal of your home.

Hardscape Your Way to Water Savings – If you really want to eliminate landscaping water usage, you can use hardscaping to transform that dusty yard into a luxurious outdoor entertainment area.

Replace High Water-Use Lawns with Native Plants – Sequoia Landscape has been a leader in designing and building drought resistant landscapes for homeowners looking to replace their lawns throughout Marin County. Native plantings are a ecological alternative to turf front lawns. They reduce maintenance and water usage.

Irrigation Matters – Whether you need a lawn for children to play in or if you just aren’t ready to let go of your green oasis, one way to reduce your water usage while keeping a lawn is to upgrade your irrigation system. Smart irrigation systems help you save water through clever and efficient water distribution. Some of these low-water irrigation systems use drip irrigation, which can significantly reduce the risk of flooding your plants as well as reduce wasted water due to evaporation.